01. Taking care of a puppy can be a real [burden] at times. They need to be walked, fed, played with, trained, etc.
02. My parents say they don't want to live with me when they are old because they don't want to be a [burden].
03. I don't want to [burden] you with my problems. I'll work things out myself.
04. The children felt [burdened] with guilt after their parents got divorced.
05. The financial [burden] of paying for four children to go to university must have been quite difficult for your parents.
06. Many developing countries are [burdened] by excessive foreign debt.
07. Taking care of elderly parents can be quite an emotional and financial [burden] for a family.
08. There is a French proverb which observes that nothing is such a heavy [burden] as a secret is.
09. There is a Hebrew proverb which states that an old man in the house is a [burden], but an old woman is a treasure.
10. Linus, in the comic strip Peanuts, once observed that there is no heavier [burden] than a great potential.
11. The African nation of Zambia is [burdened] with a foreign debt of more than $6 billion.
12. The ancient Incas of Peru used llamas to carry [burdens], as food, and for sacrifice in religious ceremonies.
13. The tax [burden] in France is one of the highest in Europe.
14. Turkmenistan's [burden] of foreign debt continues to limit economic growth in the country.
15. People who are suicidal often feel they are a [burden] to others, and see death as a way to escape their pain.
16. Feminism is about challenging the division of labor in the world that puts men in charge of the public spheres - work, government, etc. - while women carry the entire [burden] of raising a family without being paid for their efforts.
17. The crates were too [burdensome] for one person to carry.
18. The economic [burden] related to flu and cold infections is enormous.
19. Martin Luther King once said, "Don't hate, it's too big a [burden] to bear."
20. It is estimated that the number of deaths related to cigarette smoking in China will reach three million by 2050, putting a great [burden] on the country's health service.

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